What is Patentability Search

It is imperative for someone who seeks patent protection to understand the scope of the invention to be patented, whether it is new or known, whether it has some economical benefit in comparison to the available arts. It is essential to conduct a search that includes all the below categories to get a feel of whether the invention is novel and can be patented before proceeding to file a patent.

What can be considered prior art?

  • United States patents and published applications
  • Foreign patents and published applications
  • Articles and Journals
  • Company websites
  • Other web sources
  • Product brochures
  • News
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Traditional knowledge
  • A discussion in a public chat room between two individuals
  • Whatever is available to public

A prior art search can save both money and time that you would otherwise spend in the filing process for a patent. In other words a prior art search saves an applicant from the pains of rejections by the patent office. It may also help you to forecast your success or obstacles before you enter the work.

You can change the destiny of your patent application! How?

Our broad prior art search provides you enough information that would absolutely help you to vigilantly design the set of your patent claims, thus making the claims tougher with better chances of getting the invention granted. Not only this but also our well informative reports help saving your valuable time in understanding the scope of the available prior art.