Patent Paralegal Services

Patent Paralegal Services

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Legal Advantage is renowned for its reliability, punctuality, affordability, and consistently high-quality output. Our services have significantly saved both the time and money of Patent Attorneys.

Patent Paralegal Services

Our Patent Paralegal Support Services

Monitor/Watch Services

Monitor/watch services track newly published patent information to help IP holders manage, direct, develop, and protect their IP and business resources.

Patent Proofreading

Patent proofreading scrutinizes every detail of a patent specification to identify errors and omissions before they become problematic. To date, we have completed 7,000 projects.

File Histories and Documents

Patent file histories are records of all communications and documentation in the patent prosecution process.

IDS Generation

Information Disclosure Statement is an official format available for filing US patent applications. We save time and reduce errors by associating references to the appropriate cases and generating IDS.

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