Patent Landscape Analytics

Patent Landscape Analytics

We Simplify Business Insights with Patent Landscape Analytics

A patent landscape, also known as a patent map, is a graphical representation of a set of patents that exist within a particular technology space. The purpose, scope, and method of mapping vary according to the desired business objective; however, the overarching goals of patent landscape analysis are: to identify patents of interest within a given segment, verify their characteristics, analyze the relationships between them, and use the information gleaned to guide key business decisions. A patent map is therefore an advanced business intelligence tool—one that makes it possible for business owners, investors, and financiers to organize and extract value from patent data and gain deeper insight into factors such as: ● Untapped or less exploited areas of technology ● Technologies for potential R&D ● Major players and new entrants in the market ● R&D direction and strength compared to peers ● New licensing, acquisition, and joint venture opportunities ● Possible zones of infringement ● Patents to let lapse

Our Process

Legal Advantage LLC’s patent landscape analyses are carried out as a mutual task by patent analysis experts and technology specialists. The first stage of the mapping process is the identification and preparation of the taxonomy of key concepts, followed by a State of the Art (SOA)/landscape search for relevant patents and references. These patents are analyzed and broken down into fine elements, which are then gathered and suggestively arranged to create a patent landscape. Our patent landscapes are all about critical data defined simply. Our intelligent visuals communicate more things in less space and are customized to your specific needs.

Quick Landscape

The Legal Advantage LLC team also offers a Quick Landscape option: a big-picture view of the active players, known geographies, and existing technologies in your segment of interest. Quick Landscape caters to your business’s broader needs and is fast, informative, and cost-effective.

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Patent Landscape Analytics

Patent Landscape Analytics
Patent Landscape Analytics

Gain practical insights to better manage, direct, develop, and protect your IP and business resources.

Why Choose Us?

Quality data is foremost. Our proven methodologies help us perform our analyses accurately in less time.

Access to the world’s leading 250+ patent and non-patent literature databases.

Top IP support services company serving a majority of the Am Law 500 firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our search experts are well acquainted with combination strategies that produce relevant results—apt selection and combination of patent classes, subclasses, and keywords.

Highly qualified and well informed team consisting of PhDs, Masters, Engineers, former patent examiners, and patent agents with over 500 years of collective work experience.

Your searches and analyses are conducted by our most qualified analysts in the given sub-technology—we don’t just assign searches to the earliest available analyst in the broad-technology domain.

Multi-tier quality check at each stage—from the kickoff meeting through the project’s progress to the final wrap-up—ensures unparalleled accuracy in strategy, relevancy, and reporting.

Our search and analysis experts engage with you in critical instances that call for your particular attention and expertise. Should our internal discussions on a certain concept not bring about a unanimous conclusion, we consult you at the soonest possible time.

Our landscape analytics uncovers clearly classified intuitions that help you prepare the right road map for your R&D and IP—one that is viable and profitable.

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