Utility Drawings

Better Utility Drawings for Better Utility Patents

A utility patent is a type of patent designed to protect the structural or functional aspects of an invention. A utility drawing helps define a complex invention and, as such, plays a key role in the patent application process. As a general rule, the more complex and hard to define the invention, the more important it is that the drawings be simple, clear, and accurate.

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At Legal Advantage LLC, our patent illustrators and draftspersons possess a deep understanding of product design and development. Their expertise in patents, coupled with meticulous attention to detail, enables them to produce high-quality utility patent drawings and offer suggestions for enhancing the presentation of your invention. We leverage the latest CAD technologies and adhere to a comprehensive 72-point checklist to guarantee the quality of our deliverables. Furthermore, our dedication to client confidentiality and stringent security measures ensures that your ideas and all associated valuable information remain secure.

Why Use a Patent Illustrator/Draftsperson

In the rush to file a patent, some inventors make the mistake of filing “informal” drawings as part of their application, that is, drawings that do not comply with USPTO utility patent requirements. Examples include hand sketches and low-quality photographs or micrographs. While informals can communicate important elements of the invention and are of great use to a patent illustrator or draftsperson, they will not help a patent pass examination. Because they play a crucial role in defining a utility patent’s claims, utility drawings are subject to strict requirements regarding views, proportions, sequencing, lines, numbers, letters, and other elements. These specifications can be easily overlooked by a layperson, even by those generally familiar with patent technicalities. Thus, the safest option is to engage a professional specialized in patent drawings who understands the varied demands of patent offices.

We combine legal and technical expertise with an eye for aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail.

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Utility Drawings

Utility Drawings
Utility Drawings

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Three levels of quality control: lining, shading, and dimensions.

Comprehensive 72-point quality checklist for quality product delivery.

The latest high-end CAD technologies.

Specialized reports provided for more than 30 types of prior art services.

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Familiarity with patent illustrations, patent drafting, patent monetization, prior art searches, freedom to operate, and licensing.

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