Invalidity/Validity Search

Invalidity/Validity Search

An invalidity/validity search is an exhaustive, date-limited prior art search conducted against the claims of a patent to verify its validity or render it invalid by uncovering relevant art filed before its earliest priority date. An invalidity search is carried out to dispute a patent's validity through pre- or post-grant opposition methods or as a defense in patent infringement litigation. It's also useful for assessing a patent's claims' strengths and weaknesses during licensing or acquisition discussions.

Our Process

During an invalidity/validity search, our experts go through the file history of the patent in question and conduct a prior art search that takes into consideration the arguments raised by the examiner and the applicant/attorney. We thoroughly examine the patent's specific claims requiring validation, focus on the patent’s priority date, and identify prior art omitted from the patent documentation. Utilizing the outcomes of our comprehensive prior art search and leveraging our experts' deep understanding of patent legislation, we challenge the originality or obviousness of the patent's claims. Our team conducts exhaustive searches to identify grounds for patent invalidation, such as prior public knowledge, use, sale, or publication before the patent's priority date. We meticulously examine all potential grounds to ensure comprehensive coverage. Upon completing our search, we deliver a detailed, user-friendly report that aligns prior art with the patent's claims, proving crucial in challenging patent infringement allegations and strengthening our clients' positions in litigation or negotiations.

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Invalidity/Validity Search

Invalidity/Validity Search
Invalidity/Validity Search

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