Design Drawings

Accurate Design Patent Drawings Mean Surefire Protection for Your IP

Design patents are meant to protect the structural and ornamental appearance of a product as it appears to the eye of the layman consumer. As far as design patent applications are concerned, the drawings themselves are the claims—that is, it is the drawing’s job to visually and precisely define the extent of the novel design.

Key Requirements

For this to happen, the drawings need to include enough views constitute a complete disclosure of the design in question, the standard views being:

Drawings must be consistent from view to view and communicate even the most subtle nuances in form or appearance. Black ink on white paper is also standard. Design patent applications need not include photographs or color drawings. If one or both are included, a petition must be filed to explain why the color drawings or photographs are necessary.

Enhance Patent Drawings with Photos

If you do not have access to CAD (Computer-Aided Design), you can help your patent illustrator produce accurate drawings by providing photos that match the seven standard views listed above.

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Design Drawings

Design Drawings
Design Drawings

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