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Attorney-Reviewed Patent and Technical Document Translation in 12 Languages

Legal Advantage LLC specializes in attorney-reviewed patent translations by experts in law, engineering, medicine, and the sciences. Our expertise in legal terminology and international legal affairs ensures precise translations for law firms, corporations, NGOs, and in-house teams across twelve languages. Besides patent translations, our work also includes the translation of manuals, contracts, spec sheets, regulatory materials, and various other technical papers and articles. Subject areas include law, business, finance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our IP translators currently offer translation in twelve languages.

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Our specialized staff ensures your project is managed by professionals with expertise in your industry. Our quality assurance team rigorously evaluates translations, ensuring accuracy and matching formatting and visuals to the original document. Turnaround times vary, but we prioritize prompt delivery without compromising quality, offering rush services as needed. Pricing is based on the project's nature, with quotes provided upon request.

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Our translations undergo meticulous review by attorneys and linguist specialists across law, engineering, medicine, and sciences. Each translation is rigorously assessed for completeness, accuracy of terminology and content, and adherence to national filing standards.