State of the Art/Landscape Search

Gain Competitive Insights with SOA and Landscape Searches

A State of the Art (SOA) patent search is a comprehensive search that summarizes the existing prior art and illustrates the current state of affairs in a particular field of technology or sub-technology. This helps our clients assess their R&D activities across the segment and simplifies the decision-making process as it relates to furthering their research and commercial developments. SOA searches are highly beneficial for two main types of clients: ● SOA searches are ideal for clients entering new fields. ● Beneficial for clients adjusting their research or commercial strategies. An SOA search is beneficial for clients aiming to enter new fields or adjust their strategic direction. It provides a comprehensive overview of existing work within a specific segment, illuminating the evolution of technologies, as well as known problems and solutions. This insight enables more efficient resource use and reduces the likelihood of pursuing unprofitable directions.

SOA vs. Patent Landscape

Legal support service providers may use these terms interchangeably. Both help guide strategy and give clients a competitive edge over other market players. Both have a broad scope that includes a comprehensive search and review of all patent and non-patent literature in the client’s chosen segment. The key difference between an SOA and a patent landscape lies in the depth or level of detail. A patent landscape is essentially a deeper analysis of an SOA search that includes visual representations of trends in relevant literature and technology. At Legal Advantage LLC, we can customize our SOA reports based on your current needs. For instance, if search turns up a large number of references, we can provide the results along with the desired analysis in an easy-to-digest spreadsheet or in any format of your preference.

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State of the Art/Landscape Search

State of the Art/Landscape Search
State of the Art/Landscape Search

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We tailor the report to the way you like to see it. Our clients’ preferences often vary from a full report to just the list of identified references on a single page.

Our multi-tier quality control at every stage ensures unmatched accuracy in strategy, relevance, and reporting, from initial meetings to project completion.

Fast turnaround. Our team is trained to delve deep with speed—no haste.

Our analysts diligently search for both directly relevant and similar prior arts, conducting detailed assessments to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Our searches blend science, law, and logic, focusing on crucial concepts while discarding irrelevant data for efficient and targeted results.

Our expert analysts, specialized in specific sub-technologies, conduct your searches and analyses, ensuring relevance and precision beyond broad-domain assignments.

Our project reports are clear and focused, highlighting only the relevant prior art without unnecessary information. Tailored to client preferences, they detail searched concepts, keywords, and classifications, facilitating swift and accurate decision-making.

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