Patentability/Novelty Search

Patentability/Novelty Search

As important as it is to protect your intellectual property, it is equally crucial that you ensure the uniqueness of your invention in the early stages of the patent process. Bear in mind that to obtain patent protection, your invention must fulfill three basic prerequisites: novelty, utility, and nonobviousness. A timely patentability search can confirm your invention’s novelty and uniqueness, saving you valuable time and prosecution costs down the line. Beyond time and cost savings, conducting a patentability search before applying will help improve the overall quality of your patent. It can lead to better, broader claims, improve litigation strength, determine the competitiveness of your invention, and allow you to use your R&D resources more efficiently.

Our Process

During a patentability search, our team of experts looks for potential prior art similar to your invention. This will help you make effective decisions about your IP and enable you to file your patent application with confidence. Prior art to be searched will include published applications and issued patents in US and foreign patent offices, as well as non-patent literature: journal articles, scientific reports, magazines, blogs, forums, etc. Our skilled search experts are adept at finding only the art that matters. Unless exclusively instructed by our client, we prefer to include fewer references rather than crowd the report with nonessentials. We conduct searches targeting references that represent the novel features of your invention. On many occasions, we also connect the dots between your invention’s features and functionalities to similar features and functionalities in other fields of application. We optimize search outcomes with proven practices and smart AI technologies, enhancing scope and speed while offering cost benefits. Our approach ensures higher quality at lower costs. Our insightful, customer-friendly reports include prior art and are provided in a document that highlights relevant citations from identified patent and non-patent literature references.

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Patentability/Novelty Search
Patentability/Novelty Search

What makes us different?

Highly qualified and well-informed team consisting of PhDs, Masters, Engineers, former patent examiners, and patent agents with over 500 years of collective work experience.

Access to the world’s leading 250+ patent and non-patent literature databases.

Top IP support services company serving a majority of the Am Law 500 firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our search experts are well acquainted with combination strategies that produce relevant results—apt selection and a combination of patent classes, subclasses, and keywords.

Our reports, tailored for clarity and speed, highlight critical prior art details, enabling fast, accurate decision-making. They include essential searched concepts, keywords, and classification codes, reflecting our expertise and client needs.

We tailor the report to the way you like to see it. Our clients’ preferences often vary from a full report to just the list of identified references on a single page.

Our multi-tier quality checks, from start to finish, ensure top accuracy in strategy, relevance, and reporting.

Fast turnaround. Our team is trained to delve deep with speed—no haste.

Our analysts go beyond just searching for direct matches; they also seek out prior arts with similar functionality, conducting thorough assessments to ensure comprehensive coverage.

We search the art by amalgamating science, law, and logic. Our analysts and managers are diligent and methodical when determining which concepts are vital and which are trivial in the search request.

Your searches and analyses are conducted by our most qualified analysts in the given sub-technology—we don’t just assign searches to the earliest available analyst in the broad-technology domain.

Our search experts consult with you during crucial moments, especially when internal discussions yield no clear consensus, ensuring timely communication and collaboration for optimal outcomes.

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