USPTO-Compliant Trademark Illustrations that Capture Your Intent

Legal Advantage LLC has a long history of creating trademark illustrations for legal and corporate clients across the US and abroad. Our career graphic artists are trained to transform even the most complex trademarks into TM drawings that reflect the intent of the inventor. They combine legal and technical expertise with an eye for aesthetics and a careful attention to detail. We understand that trademarks are a cornerstone of corporate identity. That’s why we work hard to provide accurate and detailed illustrations that meet all USPTO requirements and clearly depict your product or image’s unique characteristics. Of the more than 70,000 illustration projects under our belt, many of our trademark illustrations have played crucial roles in the success of various trademark application processes and trademark defenses.

Our Process

During the consultation process, we will address any concerns you may have and collect any additional information that may be necessary for the project. Our talented team of graphic artists then completes the project according to your specifications. They make sure the illustrations capture every nuance, ensuring that your trademark’s unique design elements are established fully and firmly and can withstand possible encroachment from competitors. All drawings are then checked for accuracy and completeness. To ensure quality product delivery, our team follows a multi-tier, 72-point quality assurance checklist.

From conceptual renderings to free form organic styles, we capture every nuance and unique design element to fully and firmly illustrate your brand.

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Legal Advantage LLC offers more than 20 years’ worth of trademark illustration expertise, delivered with quality, accuracy, speed, and the utmost professionalism. To learn more about our trademark illustration services, Contact us today.



Why Choose Us?

Three levels of quality control: lining, shading, and dimensions.

Comprehensive 72-point quality checklist for quality product delivery.

The latest high-end CAD technologies.

Specialized reports provided for more than 30 types of prior art services.

Fast turnarounds at an unmatched cost.

Familiarity with patent illustrations, patent drafting, patent monetization, prior art searches, freedom to operate, and licensing.

We have worked on 70,000 illustrations/drawings to date. Request Your Free Quote Now.

Trust Legal Advantage LLC for unparalleled patent illustration and drawing services. Harnessing advanced tools and our team of in-house experts, we’ve completed over 70,000 projects to date. Experience our dedication to excellence in every detailed illustration we deliver. For your free quote, Contact Us.