Knock-Out Search

Knock-Out Search

A knock-out search is a quick, focused patentability search that scours patent and non-patent databases for identical or highly similar prior art. The goal of a knock-out search is to alert you of likely conflicts and help you avoid any obvious obstacles that may arise in the course of your application. A couple of good references, or often just the best reference, is sufficient to “knock out” the novelty of an invention or render the idea behind it obvious. The turnaround for this preliminary search is much faster than that for a standard patentability/novelty search.

Our Process

Even though our reports only include one or two references, we conduct our knock-out searches with the same thoroughness and attention to detail we give our patentability searches. Our experts search for published applications and issued patents in US and foreign patent offices, as well as a variety of relevant non-patent literature, including journal articles, scientific reports, magazines, blogs, and forums. We utilize proven best practices and carefully crafted techniques to deliver the most accurate results more quickly and cost-effectively. Our knock-out search reports are generally short and can be customized to present the information according to the client’s preferences. The document you will receive will primarily list the search concepts, keywords, classification codes, and relevant excerpts from the identified patent or non-patent literature.

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Legal Advantage LLC specializes in quickly assessing patentability chances for legal and corporate clients across the US and Canada. For more information on knock-out searches and other legal support services relating to IP, contact our office today.

Knock-Out Search

Knock-Out Search
Knock-Out Search

Why Choose Us?

Our team, boasting over 500 years of collective experience, includes PhDs, Masters, Engineers, former patent examiners, and patent agents.

Access to the world’s leading 250+ patent and non-patent literature databases.

Top IP support services company serving a majority of the Am Law 500 firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our search experts excel in strategic combinations of patent classes, subclasses, and keywords to yield relevant results.

Our project reports offer concise, relevant findings based on collective experience and client preferences, highlighting key prior art portions for swift and accurate decision-making, detailing searched concepts, keywords, and classification codes.

We tailor the report to the way you like to see it. Our clients’ preferences often vary from a full report to just the list of identified references on a single page.

Our thorough multi-tier quality checks at every phase ensure unmatched accuracy in our strategy, relevance, and reporting.

Fast turnaround. Our team is trained to delve deep with speed—no haste.

Our analysts conduct detailed assessments of the required and similar prior arts, ensuring a comprehensive review of the technology and related functionalities.

We search the art by amalgamating science, law, and logic. Our analysts and managers are diligent and methodical when determining which concepts are vital and which are trivial in the search request.

Searches are conducted by top analysts specialized in the specific sub-technology, not just the first available in the broader domain.

Our experts consult you promptly during critical discussions when specialized insights or decisions are needed.

We have conducted 13K+ searches to date. Request Your Free Quote Now.