File Histories & Documents

File Histories & Documents

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A patent file history—also known as a file wrapper or prosecution history—is a record of all communications and documentation involved in the prosecution or patent examination process. This includes all initial application documentation; all cited prior art; all office actions and documents; all statements and interview summaries; and any other relevant communications: objections, reexaminations, rejections, responses, amendments, etc. A patent file history is important whether or not the application in question was ultimately accepted or rejected. In critical instances, it acts as a map of sorts for inventors, investors, financiers, and business owners, providing insight into how the patent’s validity was evaluated. This becomes especially useful should the patent be subject in the future to any litigation or infringement issues.

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If you need to obtain a US patent file history, we recommend that you first check the Public PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval) system of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Click here. However, remember that US patent applications and any subsequent prosecution details were made electronically available only in mid-2003, so only the file histories of patents issued after this date can be downloaded from the Public PAIR database. We’re often asked by clients to provide the file history of a recent US patent. If the file wrapper in question is available in the Public PAIR database, we deliver it to our clients at no cost. The same goes for foreign patent file histories—if we find them for free, we deliver them for free. Should you need file histories for US patents issued before mid-2003, or foreign patent file histories that are not available for free, Legal Advantage LLC can order them through the earliest possible route and have them delivered to you for a competitive fee. We can also provide copies of relevant non-patent literature such as journal articles and scientific reports. Our access to several libraries and databases allows us to easily identify and obtain any hard-to-find non-patent literature for you.

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File Histories & Documents

File Histories & Documents
File Histories & Documents

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