Monitor/Watch Services

Monitor/Watch Services

Monitor Your and Competitors' IP - Monitor/Watch Services

A patent watch refers to the regular monitoring and tracking of newly published IP information. It is a vital service for business owners, financiers, investors, and inventors across all industry sectors. Keeping a comprehensive watch on your and your competitors’ IP activity is a good business practice, one that effectively minimizes risk and allows you to optimize your resources. A patent watch can keep you ahead of the curve by helping you identify potentially infringing patents, contest harmful applications early on, spot fresh (inbound and outbound) licensing and acquisition opportunities as they arise, and more.

Types of Watch Services

Legal Advantage LLC can keep an eye on your IP activity for you, at monitoring frequencies you can customize according to your needs—e.g. weekly, monthly, or quarterly. We provide six types of watch services:

Monitors newly published patent applications and/or issued patents in a particular technical area as soon as they are published in specific jurisdictions or across the globe.

Monitors newly published patent applications and/or issued patents of competitor companies and inventors in specific jurisdictions or across the globe.

Monitors the current status of prosecution for newly published patent applications as well as any post-grant events for issued patents, such as a request for continued examination (RCE), a post-grant review (PGR), or maintenance status.

Monitors newly published design patents or registrations in jurisdictions of interest.

Monitors newly published trademarks in federal and state trademark databases as well as the common law trademarks. Our international trademark search also includes trademarks published in WIPO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Monitors new Evidence of Use (EoU) in the form of products, processes, or services that infringe on unexpired patents.

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Legal Advantage LLC offers comprehensive, accurate, and user-friendly patent monitoring solutions. Learn how our expert team can help safeguard your IPs and enhance your company's value. Contact us today for more information.

Monitor/Watch Services

Monitor/Watch Services
Monitor/Watch Services

“Our skilled search experts excel at identifying only the relevant art.”

Why Choose Us?

Our team boasts over 500 years of combined experience, featuring PhDs, Masters, Engineers, and former patent examiners and agents.

Access to the world’s leading 250+ patent and non-patent literature databases.

Top IP support services company serving a majority of the Am Law 500 firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our experts utilize strategic combinations of patent classes, subclasses, and keywords for effective results.

Our project reports, tailored from extensive experience and client preferences, highlight only relevant prior art, avoiding unnecessary data. Reports include searched concepts, keywords, and classification codes, enabling quick, accurate decision-making.

We tailor the report to the way you like to see it. Our clients’ preferences often vary from a full report to just the list of identified references on a single page.

Our process includes multi-tier quality checks at every stage to ensure strategy, relevancy, and reporting accuracy.

Fast turnaround. Our team is trained to delve deep with speed—no haste.

Our analysts diligently search for and assess both directly relevant prior art and similar technologies to thoroughly evaluate the scope and functionality of the subject technology.

We search the art by amalgamating science, law, and logic. Our analysts and managers are diligent and methodical when determining which concepts are vital and which are trivial in the search request.

Our most skilled analysts, specialized in specific sub-technologies, conduct your searches and analyses, ensuring precision and expertise.

Our experts closely collaborate with you, promptly consulting on crucial matters to ensure consensus and informed decisions.

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