Legal Advantage – Intellectual Property & Legal Support Services for Attorneys

Legal Advantage’s mission is “To help Inventors the World Over Protect Their Ideas and Realize Their Dreams”. With over nine years of solid industry experience, and over 20,000 projects for AMLaw 200 and IP350 clients, Legal Advantage continues to offer a premier collection of intellectual property and legal support services, By innovating through our technology solutions and investing in skilled professionals, Legal Advantage continues to be the partner of choice for firms an companies in need of world-class legal services support.

Our production facility is in operation round-the-clock, with multiple teams on rotating shifts, allowing for faster project completion, cost-effective services, and a higher quality end-product.

Legal Advantage provides the following Intellectual Property Services:

Legal Advantage’s intellectual property services include Patent Illustration, Drawing, Designing, Drafting, Patent Proofreading, Patent Searching (FTO, Invalidity,Novelty, etc.)

Our staff consists of intellectual property attorneys, graphic designers, patent searchers, and engineers. With the highest client retention rates in the industry our commitment to quality stands as our first priority..

Legal Advantage provides the following Legal Support Services:

We have a fully saleable team of associates with extensive experience across all legal disciplines who deliver world class services to law firms and corporate legal departments. Our team works round the clock to complete projects faster with higher quality end product deliverables. Our legal support services include Document Review, Translation Services (business, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, technical, and scientific translations), Trial Graphic Services (3D Animations, Courtroom Demonstratives, Forensic Animations, Multimedia Presentations) Electronic Discovery, Contract Management, Legal Research, and Legal Staffing.

Legal Advantage’s team is comprised of skilled experts located throughout the world, and prepared to assist you with your legal support. As a result of our team’s experience with government agencies, we monitor, understand, and implement the latest developments in Electronic Discovery.

Legal Advantage is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland and has offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, New York and San Francisco