Ongoing Struggle for a Simple European Patent System

The proposed unified Patent System across Europe would have the potential to provide major reductions in intellectual property spending. By applying for a patent that would be granted across the proposed multi-nation bloc, companies would be able to drastically reduce time and overall spend on securing intellectual property protection.

“The purpose of unitary patent protection is to make innovation cheaper and easier for businesses and inventors everywhere in Europe, it will mean a big reduction in terms of costs and red tape, and provide a stimulus for European innovation.” Michel Barnier, the EU’s internal markets commissioner

A region-wide patent deal has been an on and off topic of conversation in the EU, and the failed attempts at going forward have been due to language and translation concerns. “The patent would be examined and granted in English, French or German and the claims then translated into the other two languages.” Spain and Italy have voiced their objection to this since its inception, due to their exclusion from the official translation requirements.

The commission overseeing the challenge of creating a unified EU patent office still has a long list of concerns for future of its system, and how it will be appropriately implemented.