Fast-Track Patent Processing Coming in May

The USPTO announced late last week an accelerated patent processing system that will be officially launched on May 4th. The Fast-track patent processing sytsem called Track One with allow inventor and business to have their patents processed within 12 months. “Track One provides a comprehensive, flexible patent application processing model to our nation’s innovators, offering different processing options that are more responsive to the real-world needs of our applicants,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the USPTO David Kappos. “The Three-Track program will bring the most important new products and services to market more quickly, helping to build businesses and create new jobs in America.”

The patent application will have to be electronically filed, and limited to four independent and thirty total claims. Other aspects include a priority examination fee, standard fees as well as processing fees. Critics are raising concerns about how this will impact a patent applicants Request for Continued Examination, and how those delays will impact the accelerated process. Read the USPTO’s press release here.