Important Things You Need to Know About Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is a way to profit from the goodwill of a trademark that belongs to someone else by registering in, trafficking in or using a certain domain name. Cybersquatters do this to profit from the proper trademark owners. Legal Advantage, a top expert in  legal support services, explains more:

What Is Cybersquatting?

Cybersquatter aims to profit from the confusion of consumers using Google and other search engines by registering or buying domain names with the same name as a registered trademark. They then offer to sell these domain names to the owners of the trademark at a greatly inflated price. Trademark owners are then forced to buy from the cybersquatter if they want to take advantage of the domain name. Cybersquatters sometimes place derogatory information on the website they host at the domain to pressure trademark owners to purchase the domain from them.

For example, imagine a cybersquatter buying the domain name They then put up a website in that domain name that posts false information alleging that Gutterblocker is an ineffective gutter protection product. To protect their reputation, the trademark owner will be forced to buy the domain from the cybersquatter. As an IP legal services and litigation graphics support expert, we recommend making sure that this doesn’t happen to you by registering anything you plan to use as a trademark yourself, as soon as you can.

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