Fujifilm’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Hologic

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA and parent company Fujifilm Corporation have accused Hologic, Inc. of infringement on several patents and violations of antitrust laws in a Delaware federal court. Fujifilm claims that Hologic has a monopoly over the United States business for mammography systems, which are used to diagnose breast cancer. Legal Advantage, patent infringement analysis experts, explains more:

Fujifilm’s Patent, Antitrust Suit Against Hologic

Fujifilm, on March 2, filed a suit accusing Hologic of infringement and antitrust violations involving four Fujifilm patents for processing and capturing digital breast tomosynthesis images. The company wants Hologic to pay them for “injuries caused by Hologic infringement and anticompetitive conduct and injunctive relief to stop further infringement and unlawful conduct.” Fujifilm also stated that Hologic is involved in an anticompetitive scheme to build and keep an illegal monopoly on several systems used in mammography.

Ten months before this suit, Hologic sued Fujifilm in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut and charged the company with the violation of a number of patents on x-ray mammography with tomosynthesis along with other technologies employed in Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions system. On February 13, Fujifilm and Hologic sat down in the presence of a mediator but could not reach a conclusion. Legal Advantage, a provider of expert legal proofreading services, recommends that IP owners follow this case to stay updated on developments in patent infringement.

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