In the world of materials, she is but an infant Sparked into existence by bright minds Seemed to have occurred in an instant She then opened vistas by breaking many binds

Angstroms and nanometers are how she is measured For she takes up only a miniscule amount of space Being small is an advantage that is hugely treasured In science and history she has a very unique place

She comes in so many different hues Sometimes she can even be fluorescent Just by slight change in size she can easily go from red to blue That one can easily take her for being iridescent

Information she possesses and gives out are cherished Lighting up many a face in the lab and on field Patents on her many have been filed and relished Businesses have been built as huge profits she yields

These tiny materials comprising likes of zinc sulfide She is christened simply as quantum dots For a really long time she is here to reside Because applications for her are lots