Peer to Patent System Launches in the UK

The Minister for Intellectual property, Baroness Wilcox, launched an innovative new tool to help improve the patent application process where experts from the scientific and technology communities view and comment on patent applications. A six month pilot program will take place where 200 applications in the computing field will be uploaded and reviewed. Registered users will be able to comment and critique applications, after which the system will summarize the comments and send them to the appropriate patent examiner at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

“Patent applications granted after using the Peer To Patent website review will be potentially stronger, giving businesses better protection to grow their innovative ideas. This will give the IPO access to a wider body of knowledge when deciding whether a patent should be granted” commented Baroness Wilcox.

The President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) Alasdair Poore stated:

The quality of patent applications is so important. Interested observers are the ones who have the expert knowledge, so Peer To Patent gives them the chance to make a real contribution. We welcome this pilot as a way of exploring how third party opinions can really improve the quality of patents. I hope users, observers and applicants will engage positively and constructively in the pilot to show that it can work, and help to build a stronger UK patent system.”

The pilot went live on June 1st and will carry on until December 31st.

Read the press release here and check out the pilot program at