Looking forward to 2010

Last week, we conducted our annual meeting to review 2009 and unveil 2010 plans. Our teams from all of our offices joined us in pushing forward the new plans for 2010. But first, we celebrated our victories from 2009. This was a record year in terms of picking up new clients, reaching out to the IP community, prior art projects, and build out of our web capability. We grew our exciting partnership with law schools ( Temple University Beasley School of Law, Franklin & Pierce Law Center, and others). We also launched a series of Continuing Legal Education courses. Today most of our classes are accredited in over 35 states across the US. With over 5% of IP professionals attending these events so far, we believe that is the right partnership approach with the intellectual property community.

We also launched our technical translation offerings for IP, opened offices in Toronto, rebuilt our website, and achieved global security certification, among other things. For our translation offering, we began serving our global clients by offering to assist their foreign filing in over 25 countries in 12 languages.

2010 brings new opportunities for us as we go deeper into our services. As the economy begins to show signs of life, we hope that you have been able to weather the storm and are in position to grow your business into 2010. For us at Legal Advantage this means a desire to reinvest with a purpose. We will launch a series of innovative new products that strengthen our core patent services.

These products and services are aimed at solving critical issues for patent prosecution and litigation. Offering software is a new path for us but one that we are excited about. We are investing in a new tool that will change how patent drawings can be checked for quality and accuracy, eliminating the top 10 reasons drawings are objected by the USPTO. More details on this to come about this and other tools under work.

We also have some ambitious new plans to expand into Europe and other parts of the US. Stay tuned for more announcements soon!