Patent Search Services

Our dedicated prior art search team comprises of outstanding scientists and engineers whose analysis is meticulous and precise. The team possesses extensive experience in performing patent searches and delivering insightful results within their own technology domains. Our search experts have access to industry leading patent and prior art databases including Thomson Innovation, STN and more than 200 other patent and non-patent literature search databases. We have retained and consistently added new clients who have applauded our search results for over 10 years in the IP industry.



Patentability / Novelty Search

A Patentability search is conducted to determine if an invention meets the requirements of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness.

Infringement / Non-Infringement

Our patent infringement and analysis team consists of technologists with vast intellectual property coverage.

Patent Analysis & Mapping

Analyzed patent information, broken down to fine elements is transformed to a patent map.

Invalidity / Validity Search

Patent validity / invalidity searches need to be very extensive since these searches have unlimited potential.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to Operate / Clearance search includes a comprehensive search of pending and unexpired patents.

Accelerated Examination

We offer exemplary Accelerated Examination Searches, handled by subject matter experts in various technologies and domains.



Why Choose us?

Top IP support services company servicing a majority of the AmLaw 500 firms as well as Fortune 500 companies
Highly qualified team consisting of former patent examiners and research scientists with over 300 years of collective work experience
Experienced team with over 125 highly qualified research professionals
Access to the worlds leading patent and non-patent literature databases
Specialized reports provided for over 30 types of prior art services
Multi-tier quality check - Fastest turnaround - Unmatched cost and quality product delivery
Experts in IP support services including prior art searches, patent illustrations, patent drafting, litigation support, patent monetization



Prior Art Search - Databases



Prior Art Search - Domain Expertise




Free CLE - Prior Art Search

Our CLE provides strategies that improves your Prior Art Search and making sure you get the relevant results the first time

  •      Highlight key components of  search strategy
  •      Understand database strengths and weaknesses
  •      Processes to save you and your clients' time and money
  •      Best practices in dealing with vendors and clients
  •      Cover various searches and benefits
  •      Review basic building blocks



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