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Should You Try to Time the Mortgage Market?
Today, we have all the tools we need to make well-informed decisions when it comes to home purchase financing. You simply need to check the interest rates online to decide whether it is a good time to take out a mortgage loan.
11/26/2013 8:23:12 AM
A Guide to the Main Types of Mortgage Costs and Fees
The primary factor that home buyers base their choice of mortgage on is the interest rate. The lower it is the better the loan is. However, things are not that simple and straightforward. When you consider taking out a home loan, you have to be aware of the additional costs and fees that you have to incur.
11/25/2013 3:44:32 PM
5 Common Myths and Facts About Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Appraisal is not a very frequent exercise for most home buyers and sellers so some misconceptions about it always remain in the minds of both parties. These misconceptions sometimes also increase the complications in an appraisal process. In this article we'll throw the light on 5 such myths and facts, which should be avoided during the...
11/25/2013 3:24:08 PM
Things Which Affect the Appraisal Value of Your Property
Appraising the value of your property is undoubtedly a work of real estate appraisers, but knowing a few common things about appraisal process may turn out to be extremely helpful in getting your property appraised for the right value. In this article we'll talk about a few common things which leave a significant direct impact on the value of your ...
11/25/2013 2:47:13 PM
AVPs: The Cost-Effective Alternative of Appraisal
AVPs, or Alternative Valuation Products, have been increasing the concerns among appraisers from quite sometime. In this article, we'll try to understand what these AVPs are and why appraisers shouldn't be afraid of them.
11/25/2013 2:18:52 PM
4 Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided in Commercial Real Estate Appraisal
Commercial real estate is quite different from the residential real estate. Small business owners often make some common mistakes while dealing with a commercial real estate appraisal. In this article we'll try to find out what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.
11/25/2013 1:44:50 PM
5 Companies Which Create Useful Software Solutions for Appraisers
There are only a few companies which have been working extremely hard and innovating for the well-being of real estate appraisers. In this article we'll take a look at those companies and their most successful software products.
11/25/2013 11:48:06 AM
10 Apps for Increasing Your Productivity As A Real Estate Appraiser
The work of Real-Estate Appraisers has never been easy, but thanks to today's hi-tech age there are a lot of apps available for your smart devices to make your life easier as an appraiser. These apps help you in staying connected to your office PC even if you're not available there physically and also help you in performing several tasks on site it...
11/25/2013 11:47:06 AM
10 Useful Tips for Agents to Ease the Work of An Appraiser
Agents usually don't like appraisers because they always arrive at a value that's lower than what was estimated by them, which sometimes kills the sales of agents. But if agents follow some proper ways of dealing with appraisers then they can't only minimize the risk of losing a sale but can also help in completing the appraisal quickly. Read on fo...
11/25/2013 11:38:13 AM
6 Questions to Help You Decide on the Best Type of Mortgage for You
The good news for home buyers is that there are numerous types of mortgages to select from. These include commercial and government-backed loans, conforming and jumbo loans, fixed-interest and adjustable-interest loans and low-risk and high-risk ones.
11/25/2013 9:00:41 AM
5 Secrets to Securing a Great Mortgage Loan
What do you need to do in order to qualify for a mortgage? The requirements have become stricter since the housing crisis from 2008, but this does not mean that you don't stand a chance.
11/25/2013 9:00:16 AM
Pardon the mess…
Please pardon the mess while we work on The Invent Blog 2.0, and some other new blog projects including The Art of IP blog (
11/24/2013 6:25:30 PM
What is the latest Adobe Acrobat/Acrobat Reader version (of PDFs) that the USPTO accepts?
There are two ways to check: First look at the EFS-Web Compatible Hardware and Software which includes information on compatible hardware and software, including operating systems (Mac OS-X, Windows, RedHat), browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox), PDF creation software (Acrobat Reader, Acrobat, others), Java, security and cookies. If that doesnR...
6/14/2013 10:45:36 AM
Reminder: TARR and TDR are about to go offline; API
Per the notice at the top of TDR: On August 25, 2012, the USPTO released version 2.0 of Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR). On September 1st, all existing direct (static) hyper-links displaying TARR information will be redirected to TSDR. On September 8th, all existing direct (static) hyper-links displaying TDR information will be redir...
8/30/2012 10:50:15 AM
Patent claim term glossaries
Useful post: Free Patent Claim Term Glossaries
4/25/2012 11:51:49 AM
Another upcoming seminar
Ron Slusky is again offering his two-day, CLE-accredited Invention Analysis and Claiming Seminar in Chicago on May 21-22, 2012. The seminar is based on his ABA-published book Invention Analysis and Claiming: A Patent Lawyer’s Guide. More information:
3/30/2012 11:13:43 AM
Patent Ethics MCLE on “Ethics issues with US patent and PCT powers of attorney”
Via Carl Oppedahl: Need a few ethics CLE credits? Tired of having to get your ethics CLE credits by listening to or attending programs on subjects that have nothing to do with what you actually do for a living, which is intellectual property law? Well, here is one ethics CLE credit that relates to patents. […]
3/29/2012 4:09:14 PM
Using Windows Calculator with dates
How in the world did I not know this? If you have the Windows Calculator program running [in Windows Vista, 7 or later], and press “Control +E,” it gives you the ability to calculate the difference between two dates. [Via: Reddit] Updated 2012-03-14 to add information re versions of Windows, and to add a second […]
3/12/2012 2:29:25 PM
Trademark Solicitations
Another day at work is over…another handful of client questions about solicitations they received via e-mail or postal mail regarding trademark related services offered for sale. I tell them the same thing I always do…send me a copy and I’ll glance at it for you, but the chances are that it is either an outright […]
2/22/2012 9:36:29 PM
USPTO Webinar on the America Invents Act
Via USPTO Director David Kappos and other members of the USPTO’s senior leadership team invite you to join them online for a live webinar examining implementation of the America Invents Act and the proposed USPTO patent fees announced earlier this month. The program will be held on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 f...
2/17/2012 10:19:38 AM
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