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Our patent infringement and analysis team consists of technologists with vast intellectual property coverage. We help law firms, practicing and non-practicing entities to quickly assess the value of their portfolio, identify possible licensing opportunities (or infringers), develop market and damages size potential and build the analysis required. From Rule 11 Analysis or Preliminary Infringement Contentions (PICs) to detailed discovery requests, we allow our clients to scale effectively and efficiently. Our extensive experience in performing patent searches allows us to deliver insightful results within your required technology areas.

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An infringement search, also known as a clearance search, are conducted mainly to:

  • Establish whether a product or process infringes an unexpired patent in the country where it is planned to be commercialized.
  • Verify whether the patent holders can make, use, or market their innovation with no risk of infringing another holder’s unexpired patent.
  • And prove that the pending application under consideration does not fall within the range of an UNEXPIRED patent.
  • Another reason for conducting an infringement search is to underwrite a licensee of a patent. It is vital that the patentee include, in the license agreement, a warranty of non-infringement in the license agreement. Thus, enabling you to use or sell a product. Our infringement searches help our clients gauge whether or not they can liberally operate without infringing upon a competitor’s patent.

    With our services, you are assured of:

    • Search of valid, unexpired patents corresponding to all areas within a market.
    • Patent references including relevancy analysis, with exact citations.
    • No date restrictions.


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