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Our career graphic artists are trained to transform even the most complex trademarks into TM drawings that reflect the intent of the IP professional. Some TM images are quite detailed, and it often requires considerable attention to detail to clearly delineate the claimed and unclaimed portions. We have a long history of creating trademark illustrations for clients around the world.

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Why Choose Us?

Three levels of quality control (lining, shading & dimensions)
Comprehensive 72-point quality check-list
The latest CAD technologies. We regularly invest in the latest versions of high-end CAD software.
Specialized reports provided for over 30 types of prior art services
Multi-tier quality check - Fastest turnaround - Unmatched cost and quality product delivery
Familiarity with patent illustrations, patent drafting, patent monetization, prior art searches, freedom to operate and licensing



What Others Say About Us ?
  • “ Excellent work, this is exactly what we were looking for, thanks. ”

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    - Top 100 Am Law Firm, Westfield
  • “ Thank you for jumping through hoops lately to support our clients. ”

    - Top 100 Am Law Firm, New York
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Patent Illustrations

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Filing Informal Drawings in a Patent Application:





Every drawing detail we check on our desks is a detail you need not check on your desk. Our goal is to save you time and money, and ensure you file on time, secure in the knowledge that no drawing-related office action will be returned by the examiner. To this end we have evolved over the years a comprehensive quality assurance regime. Each illustration goes through three levels of proofing with a 72-point quality checklist at each stage of our quality control process.

Formal drawing requirements vary from country to country. When you are filing nationally in multiple countries it is helpful to know the various requirements at a glance. This handy chart will be useful as you count down to your filing dates.
International Filing Formats