Patent File Formats

File formats to ask your inventor for. . .

Some image types provided by inventors are more useful than others; vector-based files such as AutoCAD type files contain clearly defined geometry that speeds up the drafting process. Often the inventor will have these files readily available, but will not send them to an IP law firm because it is assumed that the law firm cannot open them. But we at Legal Advantage can open them... And we can use them to produce faster, more accurate drawings for you.

3D files are usually the most useful.
They provide complete comprehension for designers and faster production.



Prefered extensions (i.e. Ball.3DM)

.3DM Rhino 3D Model
.3DS 3D Studio Max
.DWG AutoCAD Drawing
.DXF AutoCAD Exchange
.EPRT eDrawings - 2010
.EASM eDrawings - 2010
.EDRW eDrawings - 2010
.SLDPRT SolidWorks Part
.SLDASM Assembly
.IPT AutoDesk Inventor
.IAM AutoDesk Inventor



Vector files like this are very useful.
No matter how close you zoom in, the lines remain sharp.



Prefered extensions (i.e. Ball.CDR)

.CDR Corel Draw
.PDF Adobe Acrobat
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript
.AI Adobe Illustrator
.SVG Scalable Vector Graphic
.DXF Autocad Interchange File
.DWG Autocad Drawing File
.SLDDRW SolidWorks



Raster based files are also useful.
They can result in slower turnaround times, and less accurate formals. If enlarged they become pixelated.



Prefered extensions (i.e. Ball.PSD)

.PSD Adobe Photoshop
.JPEG Compressed Photo
.PNG Portable Network Graphic
.TIFF Tagged Image File
.BMP Bitmap
.GIF Graphic Interchange
.DOC MS Word Document