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A design patent protects the structural and ornamental appearance of a product as it appears to the eye of the consumer. In design patent applications it is said that the “the drawings themselves are the claims” as they visually and precisely define the extent of the novel design.

It is critical that design patent drawings be accurately drawn, be consistent from view to view, and that best practices in shading techniques communicate the most subtle nuances in form.

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Three levels of quality control (lining, shading & dimensions)
Comprehensive 72-point quality check-list
The latest CAD technologies. We regularly invest in the latest versions of high-end CAD software.
Specialized reports provided for over 30 types of prior art services
Multi-tier quality check - Fastest turnaround - Unmatched cost and quality product delivery
Familiarity with patent illustrations, patent drafting, patent monetization, prior art searches, freedom to operate and licensing



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Patent Illustrations

Design Patents - How many views are needed?


Filing Informal Drawings in a Patent Application:





Our design patent / Industrial Design team has evolved over the years a rigorous method of generating consistent orthographic figures even when CAD files are not available. For example, from a single front photo and a side photo (and sometimes that’s all we are given) we are able to extrapolate top, bottom, rear and perspective figure for your review.

We also provide a Legal Advantage Consistency Guide similar to the example shown here. This sheet accompanies the formal drawings in a separate PDF and instantly demonstrates that the figures are consistent. The top view matches the side view; the front view matches the bottom view... and that, in addition to novelty, is all the examiner is looking for.

We are second to none when it comes to the preparation of Design Patent/Industrial Design Drawings. Try us, and find out why others use us, for this highly specialized service. We work with top filing attorneys, producing drawings for use in the US, Canada, the European Patent Office, Asia, and around the world with WIPO. Legal Advantage's unique Consistency Guide ensures a perfect design draft.


Consistency Guide