Patent Illustration Services


Our Mission Statement: To help inventors the world over protect their ideas and realize their dreams.
We were founded by attorneys, for attorneys. After 30,000 patent illustration projects our commitment to quality remains true. Each aspect of our process and interaction is designed with the knowledge gained from real world law firm experience.


Design Drawings

A design patent protects the structural or ornamental appearance of a new invention. The drawings themselves are the claims, defining what protected and what is not.

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Legal Advantage employs career graphic artists for trademark designs requiring original conceptual rendering and free form organic styles. 

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Utility Drawings

Our Utility Patent illustration team consists of engineers with wide and varied backgrounds. This enables us to spot errors that traditional drafters may not consider.

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  • “ Excellent work, this is exactly what we were looking for, thanks. ”

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  • “ Thank you for working with us on this. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work Legal Advantage has provided over the years. ”

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  • “ Thank you for jumping through hoops lately to support our clients. ”

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  • “ I’m so please with Legal Advantage’s work. These drawings look perfect to me. ”

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  • “ The drawings are absolutely gorgeous. I forwarded them to the client and he agrees 100%. ”

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  • “ Thank you for the great drawings. Always a pleasure working with you and knowing the end result will be of a high quality. ”

    - Top 150 Am Law Firm, Stamford  
  • “ These drawings are fantastic-no changes needed. Thank you in your absolute responsiveness to multiple additions to the drawings requested. ”

    - Top 150 Am Law Firm, San Diego  



Why Choose us?

Three levels of quality control (lining, shading & dimensions)
Comprehensive 72-point quality check-list
The latest CAD technologies. We regularly invest in the latest versions of high-end CAD software.
Specialized reports provided for over 30 types of prior art services
Multi-tier quality check - Fastest turnaround - Unmatched cost and quality product delivery
Familiarity with patent illustrations, patent drafting, patent monetization, prior art searches, freedom to operate and licensing