Trial Graphics - Win Cases, Engage Juries

We focus on creating trial graphics that help our clients turn their arguments into winning presentations.

Why? It’s a fact, jury members are visual learners. Visually communicated ideas have significantly higher recall rates than ones conveyed in text or oral format. Juries have come to expect computer animation and visually compelling evidence during trial. Information presented on black and white placards or complex diagrams no longer hold the audience's attention or convey the message you want to get across.

The digital age requires a new level of courtroom sophistication to successfully present your argument and get an edge on opposing counsel.

How? Legal Advantage helps litigators secure the edge necessary to win. Our experienced legal, graphic and multimedia design teams will work to craft the most persuasive and compelling trial presentation for your case. Partnering with Legal Advantage will allow you to focus on the case and not the presentation.

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3D Animations

Make your case by bringing the facts to life.

From a simple accident reconstruction to comparing the correct and incorrect surgical procedure for a medical malpractice suit, don’t tell your story… show it.

Courtroom Demonstratives

In complex litigation, a picture is worth more than you think.

We understand your need for a professionally executed graphic presentation that simultaneously articulates your points and utilizes the optimal medium to convey your message.