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Our core focus on legal terminology and international legal affairs allows us to offer tailored legal language translation services as well as providing editing services for in-house translation departments, law firms, NGO's and businesses.

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We have been serving law firms patent Illustration, prior art patent search, and patent translation services for over eight years. Our expertise in the Intellectual Property field is due to our investment of diverse teams of varying technical backgrounds. Our ability to have a diverse set of resources on staff at all times allows us to tackle technical patent translation issues without having to source out to contractors.


Details about our Technical Translation Services

Our Quality Assurance team will verify translated documents back to the source file. If needed, we will align all figures, graphics, and formatting throughout the document to match the original. Our translation services cover legal (patents, legal documents and more), business, financial, pharmaceutical, technical, and scientific subject areas.

Our work includes patents, papers and articles, contracts, manuals, bio-pharmaceutical regulatory material, and all kinds of scientific and technological matters. Every project is handled by a dedicated team and passes through a rigorous quality control system. Our translators have expertise in at least one technical subject area, allowing all of our translations to be performed by technical and linguistic experts who understand your needs and your industry.

Our accredited translators will return translations of any subject matter, no matter how complex, for your review in a matter of days, and at a price that may surprise you. We offer rush translations that can be completed in just a few days.

Pricing for our services is usually quoted by the word, but sometimes at an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the assignment. Should it be your preference, we can also provide a firm price quote for your project.