Other Legal Services

We have been serving law firms patent Illustration, prior art patent search, and patent translation services for over eight years. Our expertise in the Intellectual Property field is due to our investment of diverse teams of varying technical backgrounds. Our ability to have a diverse set of resources on staff at all times allows us to tackle technical patent translation issues without having to source out to contractors.


IP Translations

We currently offer Translation in Twelve languages

Our core focus on legal terminology and international legal affairs allows us to offer tailored legal language translation services as well as providing editing services for in-house translation departments, law firms, NGO's and businesses.


Trial Graphics

Win Cases, Engage Juries

Why? It’s a fact, jury members are visual learners. Visually communicated ideas have significantly higher recall rates than ones conveyed in text or oral format. Juries have come to expect computer animation and visually compelling evidence during trial.