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Sequence Listing

According to the U.S. and the foreign Sequence Listing requirements under WIPO ST.25 and 37 CFR 1.821- 1.825, a protein sequence should be an unbranched sequence of four or more naturally occurring ‘specifically defined’ L-amino acids, and in the case of DNA or RNA sequences, it is an unbranched sequence of ten or more nucleotides, in which at least 4 nucleotides need to be ‘specifically defined’.

Preparing a valid Sequence Listing with these restrictions and regulations can be very time consuming and is prone to inconsistencies.  With our trained and dedicated staff, we are able to give you the edge and assist you in identification and creation of sequence listings that are consistent and complete.

The computer readable form of the sequence listing that we prepare for you is acceptable for all receiving offices of WIPO, International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authorities for the purposes of the international phase, and to all designated and elected offices for the purposes of the national phase.