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Our dedicated prior art search team possesses extensive experience performing patent searches and deliver insightful results within their own technology domains. Our prior art search experts have access to industry leading patent and prior art databases such as Micropatent, Thompson Innovation and about 200 other patent and non-patent literature search and chemical structure search databases through STN.

We have the right people on our Prior Art Search Team

Over 80% of our team members have a Masters Degree in their search field
Over 40% of our team members have either two Masters Degrees or a PhD
Combined experience in over 5,000 searches in the past eight plus years

We have people in the right technology backgrounds

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Medical Devices, Chemistry, Polymer Technology, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Genetics, Chemical Engineering, Business Practices, and Computer Science

We can do it quickly

Fast patent search project completion, within standard five business day turnaround

We do it right

High quality patent search reports with relevant results organized to your requirements

We deliver it the way you want it

An example of our patent search report is on the left, but we can tailor our output to your needs

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search


A strategic defense to patent infringement or evaluation of potential patent licensing

Details on our Validity Search Service:

  • Find references that pre-date the filing of the troubling patent claims
  • Identify potential references that the examiner was not aware of while issuing the patent
  • Physical access to multiple university and technical libraries to search for exotic art
  • Defining a Validity Search:

    A Validity Search can be done when a litigation relating to infringement of a patent becomes a clear possibility and the defendant needs to nullify the plaintiff's patent. A validity search also proves useful during licensing discussions as it is important to assess the value and strength of a patent before buying a license for its use.

    Patentability Search


    Performed prior to the preparation of the patent application

    Details on our Patentability Search Service:

  • Fast project completion, with standard five day turnaround on most research reports
  • High quality end product with relevant results, made possible by experienced researchers, technologists, and engineers
  • Dedicated team available 24/7 with multi-tier Quality Control
  • Defining a Patentability Search:

    A Patentability Search is conducted to determine if an invention meets the requirements of novelty, usefulness and non-obviousness.

    Our Patentability / Novelty Searches cover all of the major published literature as well as other relevant literature

    Freedom to Operate Search


    Helping companies and individuals make important business decisions

    Details of our Freedom to Operate Search Service:

  • Search for unexpired patents
  • We report expired patents as well as pending or abandoned patent applications based on your preference
  • Patent references including relevancy analysis
  • Subject matter experts in several branches of technology
  • Our reports provide the legal status of all reported references
  • Defining a Freedom to Operate Search:

    A Freedom to Operate search ensures a patent applicant that the product is cleared to be commercialized and/or used.

    Also known as a Right to Use search or Clearance Search, our search will help you avoid infringement and facilitate the decision for patent licenses or adopt an alternate strategy.

    State of the Art Search


    Designed to provide a general idea of prior art in a particular area

    Details on our State of the Art Search Service:

  • Search for both active and expired patents
  • Patent reference including relevancy analysis
  • Broad search to discover established players and brand new start-ups or single inventors
  • Subject matter experts in several branches of technology
  • Defining a State of the Art Search:

    A State-of-the-Art Search proves indispensable no matter what your portfolio. It gives assistance if you are involved in business planning or product programming. It also helps you plan your R&D initiatives when starting new businesses or developing new products or processes.

    Patent Watch


    An efficient monitoring and tracking system of newly published patent applications and issued patents

    Details on our Patent Watch Service:

  • Avoid potential infringement
  • Monitor technology trends
  • Identify competitors and/or new entrants in particular technology areas
  • Evaluate or reduce research and development spending
  • Defining a Patent Watch:

    An efficient monitoring and tracking system of both newly published patent applications and issued patents. Searches are performed on a customized basis and may be classified as one or both of the following types:
  • Technical Patent Watch
  • Competitor Patent Watch
  • Patent Proofreading

    Identify mistakes that could weaken your core patent claims

    Details on our Patent Proofreading Service:

  • Make the decision to file a Certificate of Correction easier
  • Sets aside any discriminations in the interpretation of the patent claims' correct scope
  • We check the amendments made during prosecution and the bibliographic information to ensure the patent is issued with the correct information as agreed between the applicant and the examiner. 

  • Defining Patent Proofreading:

    Our multi-step quality control and quality assurance processes and methodologies leverage our deep industry experience and will provide you with the highest quality and most cost-effective patent proof reading services currently available.
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