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Design Drawings

A design patent protects the structural or ornamental appearance of a new invention.  The drawings themselves are the claims, defining what protected and what is not.

It is critical that a design patent's drawings are accurately drawn, consistent from all views, and utilize shading techniques that best convey the shape and form.

Sample Design Patents

Patent Design Drawing Shading Techniques

Accurate representation of an object’s form is critical to the success of a design patent. Legal Advantage hires artists, graphic designers, and engineers for our design and production teams. Our teams ensure that every patent drawing accurately depicts the nature and form of the invention. We utilize different types of illustration techniques to suit your needs. Below are some drawing types employed to solidify claims by utilizing the proper shading methods:

Standard - Standard line shading is the common approach to surface shading. This style is preferred because it easily illustrates the precise geometry of a figure, especially for patents that have simpler forms and significant geometric aesthetic.

Stipple - The advantage of stipple shading is its organic depiction of a design's shape where the illustration uses varying densities of dots to demonstrate the figure's form. Patents that are more complex and/or organic may benefit from stipple shading.

Line Shading - Line drawn figures allow examiners to accurately check consistency from every view points. By using appropriate line weights and shading techniques, the image can be clearly and accurately" represented.

Bitmap & Digital Images - While high quality black and white photos can be submitted to the USPTO, it is likely that the perspective will not be consistent  for all figures, leading to rejection.  Another key issue is the poor reproductive nature of photo submissions.

Surface Shading Sample
The Legal Advantage Consistency Guide

We are second to none, when it comes to the preparation of Design Patent/Industrial Design Drawings. Try us, and find out why others use us, for this highly specialized service. Over the last seven years, we’ve prepared more patent design/industrial design drawings than any other company. We’ve been working with the top filing design patent filing attorneys in the U.S. preparing for filings in US, Canada, WIPO member countries and the EEC (European Economic Community), China, South Korea, Japan, and South Africa. Legal Advantage's consistency guide ensures a prefect design draft - every time.

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"I have been very happy with both the quality of the drawings and the quick turn-around."
- Barnes & Thornburg LLP

"Thank you very much!  The drawings are excellent."
Patent Attorney - Blake, Cassels & Graydon

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File format
Need file extensions to view a 3D model that your computer can't open? We have made investments to open most file types sent our way. Here are the type of files we support.
Design Patent Photo
When providing photo's or a visual idea of your 'design patent', the application has to describe the overall visual appearance of the design. For example, the most useful photographic views correspond to the seven standard views most often included in the drawings: Perspective, Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right and Left Side.