We send a project cover sheet for every project to ensure that all of your project details are correct. Information such as invoicing address, special requests, alternative headers, all need to be confirmed before we commence drafting.
Our clients are always welcome to a project estimate; please email your request to
Our standard policy is to return all drawings it PDF format. We can also return materials in Visio, JPG, or Corel. Hardcopies can be shipped to you as well for an additional fee.
Our returned PDFs are created with the USPTO print driver. This ensures that the USPTO will be able to accept these drawings, formatted to their system needs.
It is standard for us to have your drawings returned within 5 business days of your approval of our project confirmation.
We do have a Rush policy, which allows for drawings to be returned within 48 hours with a 25% surcharge.
We do our best to prevent any need for revisions. The first hour of revised drafting is free, after that we charge $55 per hour.
Invoices are sent 2 weeks after project completion.
Our Prior art search team is composed of a dedicated team with extensive experience performing patent searches within their subject matter, iIncluding Polymer Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Genetics and Computer Science. Our patent search experts have access to industry leading patent and prior art databases such as Delphion, LexisNexis, MicroPat, and STN. Subject matters include:
A standard patentability search will cost $300, a more advanced and detailed search will have a higher cost. These costs will be presented to you in our project estimation process.
Prior Art invoices are sent two weeks after the search has been delivered.
A typical patentability search will take 7-10 business days, while a more advanced and complicated search may require more time.
All reports are returned in PDF format, along with relevant patents and critical claims, as well as links to access the full patents.
Our clients are welcomed to call our sales and service representatives to work through the details of your needed search. While we are not attorneys at Legal Advantage, we can advise on the differences and requirements of our patent searches, it is highly advisable to consult with your attorney for what type of search you are in need of.
Our team of artists and designers consults with our clients before any project starts. Based on the details you need highlights, explained, or expanded upon, we will recommend strategies and tools to present them. If you have an idea in mind for what you want your animation to be, we will build a story board around it. After review of the storyboard, and confirmation of its contents, the designers start developing the environment, scene, and details of the animation.
We will provide your materials to you through a secure FTP location, including your login and password. At this point you can share the contents with the opposition, or provide us with contact details for setting them up with a secure FTP.
There are some situations where Legal Advantage is capable of being on site for setup, display, and presentation support. These requests must be made prior to starting the project.
Animations are priced at $150 dollars per second of final film, invoices will be sent to clients 2 weeks after the project is delivered. Demonstratives or physical items are priced depending on the size, printing, mounting, and shipping.
Production for animations vary on the overall film length and amount of detail required. An estimate for delivery will be presented and explained after the project has been fully debriefed and evaluated by our design team.
Our trained artists and designers can create scenes to your exact requirements; look at our samples to the level of quality we can create for you.
We can provide Elmo presentation tools, projections, projection screens, and demonstrative presentation materials.
Our default video playing software is QuickTime, if you do not have QuickTime please click here to download.
The QuickTime video formats files we provide are compatible.
We can create a secure FTP for you to download your files, or we can ship DVD’s to your address.
We use FedEx as our shipping provider, when the order is sent we will direct you to your tracking number and a FedEx link to the shipment’s progress. There are some situations where courthouse deliveries are required, shipments arrive late, or when items are damaged in transit, in these circumstances we will work with you to the best of our abilities to remedy the situation.
All of our translation projects are quoted on a per word basis. Pricing varies for source and final languages.
We do provide translation editing services; these are quoted on a per word basis.
Document translations are performed by certified translators, brining a document into their native tongue.
You can provide us with a patent number or the patent itself; from there we will generate a word count and cost estimation for the translation. After your approval of the translation price we will assign sections to multiple translators. These are certified translators with expertise in the subject matter of your material. A different person will compile the completed segments together to form cohesive document. Lastly it is confirmed by an additional certified translator that the entirety of its contents are correct. SCIENE background
All of our translations are certified, and we can provide a notice of certification if required.
Currently we are able to accommodate translations in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Click here for more information.
If notice is provided during the estimation process, we will be able to format your patent translation around the figures and illustrations within your documents.
It is possible for us to fulfill urgent requests, dependent upon the size of the document and the nature of the material.
Ensuring that our clients information is protected & secured is a top priority at Legal Advantage. This past year Legal Advantage received its ISO 27001 Certification, the latest international standard developed exclusively for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), requiring companies to employ a methodical approach to managing sensitive information and ensuring data security. There are less than 6,000 companies world-wide certified for ISO 27001. Legal Advantage was evaluated for the efficacy in execution of information security procedures and policies to guard customers’ and organization’s confidential information and intellectual property.
There are a number of ways to access your materials after they are sent. When a new client starts a project with us, we create a unique login and password, with that you are able to login to our site and view all submitted documents and well as finished projects. Clients sending a larger size and higher volumes of files can get access to temporary secure ftps. These can be ideal when multiple parties are contributing files and reviewing large files such as Animations, complete patent file histories, or 3D CAD files.
Checks can be sent to:
P.O. Box 402402
Atlanta, GA 30384-2402
By calling 1800-538-0558, you can speak to one of our Customer Service Managers, alternatively you can email to generate a new username or to reset a current password