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April 2011

FTC Proposes Innovation and Reform Ideas that Benefit Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission has prepared a report The Evolving IP Marketplace: Aligning Patent Notice and Remedies with Competition, highlighting concerns and providing solutions to assist in the red...
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Expedited Examination of Green Patent Applications at the Canadian Patent Office

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has amended their patent rules on March 3rd allowing for an accelerated examination of ‘green’ technology patents without additional fee. Effective A...
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Ongoing Struggle for a Simple European Patent System

The proposed unified Patent System across Europe would have the potential to provide major reductions in intellectual property spending. By applying for a patent that would be granted across the propo...
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World Intellectual Property Day

Today the intellectual property practitioners around the globe will be celebrating World Intellectual Property Day. The goals of World Intellectual Property Day are to raise awareness of how patents, ...
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USPTO Budget Cuts for 2011

Today USPTO Director David Kappos announced what the impact that the budget reduction will have at the Patent Office. There are a number of important areas where the USPTO will no longer be able to st...
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Fast-Track Patent Processing Coming in May

The USPTO announced late last week an accelerated patent processing system that will be officially launched on May 4th. The Fast-track patent processing sytsem called Track One with allow inventor and...
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April 2010

Hiring Patent Illustrators and Project Managers? Test for Drawing Ability

You wouldn't hire a pilot without ensuring he or she know how to fly a plane would you? How can a hard working patent illustration company better serve its clients and their clients? It can sometime...
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March 2010

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

A federal judge in Manhattan has stirred up the Intellectual Property community and specifically the biotech industry with a decision invalidating two patents on human genes relating to breast and ova...
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Mirza Baig talks to Entrepreneur Magazine on how to Become a Follow-Up Fanatic

Entrepreneur sought out advice from Legal Advantage's CEO Mirza Baig on the topic of pursuing leads, the importance of personal connections, and putting yourself in the position of the prospect. "Time...
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February 2010

Patents as Illustrations for Best Selling Literature

The German artists Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus have recognized the world's 7 million patent applications and 22 million interconnecting prior art references as a rich tapestry from which to pl...
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