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March 2017

Robots in the Operating room

Robotic Surgery is a surgical procedure (minimal invasive surgery) performed by the doctors with the help of a robot. Doctors utilize robotic arms (telemanipulator) to move the instruments during oper...
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Knee Braces

Are you that sort of a person who is always ready to put thy body in line to experience high adrenaline adventure? Or, are you amongst those who desire to stay healthy and not be a medical liability o...
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February 2017

Insulin pumps- What’s current? Any alternatives?

Insulin pump is the machine which helps in keeping blood glucose levels in normal range. It’s a small mechanical device which can be kept in a pocket or can be attached to your abdomen. But it was bu...
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Self-balancing gyro-stabilized scooter - The new era of solo-commuting

Gyro-stabilized scooter is a two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered vehicle.This “hover board” is sure to re-write the era of solo-commuting.
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An Artificial heart

Heart is the engine of our body that pumps blood into various vessels. The organ works rigorously beating 100, 000 times a day to keep our body freshly supplied with oxygen. An artificial heart is a d...
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Passenger Safety Systems

Advanced safety features coming together in the vehicles, will increase the passenger safety.
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January 2017


In 1895 while working in his lab at Wuerzburg University in Germany, Professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen came to realize that world could change forever. He observed a fluorescent glow projected off cry...
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Supercapacitor Body Panels

A proposed supercapacitor stores more energy and replaces the batteries completely in the electric car market, thereby greatly reducing the damage to the environment, saving the fossil fuels and the h...
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November 2015

Bioremediation: A Green Revolution

Bioremediation encompasses a broad range of techniques within itself. Different methods to treat polluted site are phytoremediation, phytostabilization, phytosequestration, biostimulation, bioattenua...
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May 2015

United States Joins the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement - International Registration of Industrial Designs

As of May 13th, 2015, inventors in the United States have new options for filing design patents in over 62 countries in one stroke Previously, U.S. applicants seeking protection for industrial design...
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