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April 2017

Human Analogous

The idea of replicating one own self is the most satisfying bliss for a human being, given the fact that a human body is the most sophisticated machinery ever created.
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March 2017


AUDS (Anti-UAV Defense System) are designed to detect, disturb and deactivate unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs)& remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and pote...
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A kitchen game changer in 1945

Microwave Ovens with varying dimensions and cooking features have become commonplace household items,when compared to conventional heating/cooking methods cooks the food in substantially lesser time.
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Knee Braces

Are you that sort of a person who is always ready to put thy body in line to experience high adrenaline adventure? Or, are you amongst those who desire to stay healthy and not be a medical liability o...
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Home Automation

Home automation or smart home generally involves a method/system for controlling home appliances such as washer/dryers, ovens or refrigerators/freezers, lighting and heating, ventilation & air conditi...
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Robots in the Operating room

Robotic Surgery is a surgical procedure (minimal invasive surgery) performed by the doctors with the help of a robot. Doctors utilize robotic arms (telemanipulator) to move the instruments during oper...
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February 2017

Insulin pumps- What’s current? Any alternatives?

Insulin pump is the machine which helps in keeping blood glucose levels in normal range. It’s a small mechanical device which can be kept in a pocket or can be attached to your abdomen. But it was bu...
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Self-balancing gyro-stabilized scooter - The new era of solo-commuting

Gyro-stabilized scooter is a two-wheeled self-balancing battery-powered vehicle.This “hover board” is sure to re-write the era of solo-commuting.
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An Artificial heart

Heart is the engine of our body that pumps blood into various vessels. The organ works rigorously beating 100, 000 times a day to keep our body freshly supplied with oxygen. An artificial heart is a d...
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Passenger Safety Systems

Advanced safety features coming together in the vehicles, will increase the passenger safety.
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