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Patent Searching - Methods And Techniques Used By Professional Searchers

Patent database searching is an important aspect of any technical innovation and development today. It is estimated that over a million patents are being published annually, of which more than 90% are not available in any other form of publication. The information contained within the patent documents is highly technical in nature and that is also of great relevance business and commerce.
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Freedom to Operate Search Details

A Freedom to operate (FTO) search is also known as ‘Freedom to practice’ (FTP) or ‘Product clearance’ search. As the name suggests, a freedom to operate search is a search type that attorneys use to create an opinion that claims you the future patent holder are free from all legal obstacles to commercialize your product in a particular country or geographical region.
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Patent Infringement Analysis and Patent Mapping

Since we analyze patents for many different reasons to suit various needs of our clients, there really isn’t one definition for what Patent Analysis. Based on the end requirement and the scope, we come out with the best possible process for a patent analysis that meets your overall requirements.
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What is Patentability Search

It is imperative for someone who seeks patent protection to understand the scope of the invention to be patented, whether it is new or known, whether it has some economical benefit in comparison to the available arts. It is essential to conduct a search that includes all the below categories to get a feel of whether the invention is novel and can be patented before proceeding to file a patent.
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Basics of a Design Patent and Design Patent Searches

Design patents are based on the ornamental aspects of surface decoration, aesthetic configuration, appearance and shape of an item. In contrast to a utility patent, a design patent is issued for aesthetic features for a new or an improved outward appearance; however, the subject claimed in the design patent should have some practical utility.
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